About Height Forum

Height Forum Information

Height Forum, or HF for short, is a community-based website dedicated to human growth. We allow our members to ask and answer questions. We also periodically survey our visitors in order to provide useful statistics to our users. Lastly, people of all backgrounds gather here to discuss how physical stature affects their lives.

At Height Forum, it is our goal to:

  • Provide real and useful information to our users free-of-charge
  • Allow the community share their experiences
  • Provide a safe and spam-free environment for open discussion
  • Collect all available information on human growth in one place

In order to stay true to our philosophy, Height Forum will always be free, spam-free, and clear of any company influence. So if you are ready to share your knowledge and to grow (pun intended) with us, sign up for a free membership to get started!

Height Forum History (2005-2010)

Height Forum v1 Screenshot

Height Forum (v1) first was created back in July of 2005 by a disgruntled high school student. When Fish’s (forum admin) growth spurt came to an end during his junior year, he started searching for ways to grow taller on the internet. He first discovered a number of unofficial “height forums”, where both true and unreliable information scattered all over. Frustrated with the lack of organization, he turned to “miracle products” that where being sold online. After being scammed on multiple occasions, he realized that there was just too much dishonesty and confusion in the “Height” world. He felt that something had to be done. So after 2 months of learning and planning, HeightForum.com was born.

The original intent of Height Forum was to gather all available information on height from the web. This way, the users could find and share the most effective and safe ways to grow. Over the years, however, the first version of HF suffered similar fate as other “HI” sites. Not only did the site become slow, the once vibrant community went inactive. HF failed to live up to its purpose and became just another dump forum instead.

Unwilling to accept defeat, Fish was determined to revamp Height Forum. He began to make time in his busy college life to work on the new Height Forum. Unfortunately, his laptop, which contained most of the HF work, was stolen from his apartment. Fish did the best he could to recreate the lost materials. The results were published in August 2008 as Height Forum v2.

Height Forum v2 Screenshot

In Height Forum v2, Fish made the decision to erase all previous forum posts and to start a brand new one. Although the website was now faster and better looking, it did not provide valuable information as it once did. In addition, there were several other similar forums on the net, and the HF project appeared to be redundant. But even then, no website put effort into publishing good materials. Information remained disorganized for the most part. Worse yet, some websites seemed to be promoting questionable services. A centralized, ethical website was yet to be found.

For that reason, Fish again rolls out a new version of Height Forum. This time, HF takes on a new format, where questions and answers are presented in a straightforward fashion without any distractions or spamming. Whether you are a young adult seeking to maximize your stature or a parent concerned about your children, we invite you to the conversation.